Details of Security Door Chains

Analysis of Important Details to Look into Before Purchasing a Security Door Chain

A security door chain can provide that added security and give you some more time to escape or find a weapon to defend yourself in case a burglar tries to get into your house. In this context we will go through important aspects you need to look into before purchasing a door chain.

Is it easy to use a security door chain on a PVC door?

security door chainIt can be somewhat difficult to use door chains on pvc doors and as such you should consult experts before moving ahead with installation of the same.
• Problems arise due to the fact that often times there is less space on the frame to affix chain bracket (since at least 16mm space is required).
• Another issue you will face would be of inadequacy of fixing the security door chain into door's cavity.

Are fixings accompanying door chains right for pvc doors?

Fixings might not be always right for pvc doors since they are actually meant for doors made out of timber and are available as self tapping screws.
It is possible that you may require separate fixings and as such, should discuss this issue with the vendor to move in the right direction.
Thus, you need to analyze the situation before installing a security door chain for a door that has hollow core or one which is not anchored properly into sturdy material.

How to prevent door chain from being cut or broken by something (like a crowbar)?

While shopping for a security door chain you will find some chains which can be installed within door leaf so that they do not have any accessibility from outside. 
Thus, it is not possible for burglars to damage the door chain from outside by using a hydraulic tong or a crowbar.
What it means when it is mentioned that a door chain is able to withstand a certain amount of static load?
In case, a security door chain can withstand 800kg static load then it simply means that the chain will be able to sustain certain amount of pressure when someone is pushing or pulling the door.

How to properly fit a security door chain?

Let us now look at few of the steps you need to take for properly fitting a door chain.
• First thing you will have to do is decide about height at which door chain is to be installed.
• Next the keep for the security door chain is to be setup on lock rail since it is the strongest point of the door.
• Then you will have to make required holes and screw in the plate in correct position.
• Last thing you need to do is attach chain with door frame at exact opposite direction of the plate.

A Final Note

To conclude it can be said that door chains can be quite effective in enhancing security of your home. Moreover, with a security door chain in place you do not have to worry about children straying outside the home while you are cooking or doing anything else inside.

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