All About Sandakan Heritage Trail

Sandakan is one of the main cities of the state Sabah. Most tourist thinks of it as a romantic place which is only ideal for honeymooning. Sandakan is a very old city that was almost destroyed during the World War 2. It was rebuilt after World War 2. Initially its name was “Elopura” meaning beautiful town. One of the main tourist attractions of this town is the Sandakan Heritage Trail.

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  • Sandakan Heritage Trail

The good thing about this trail is that you can enjoy it according your pace and mood. It consists of a comprehensive walk and covers all of the town’s interesting sites and buildings. This town has a rich historical past and most of the historical buildings can be seen in this trail.

  • Historical spots and buildings that you can see

At the very start of this trail is one of the oldest mosques of the town. Its name is Masjid Jamek and was built by Sultan Abdul SamadJamek. The next historical spot on this trail is a memorial structure that was built to honour William B. Pryer who was the founder of Sandakan. Then there is tourist information centre and another memorial which was built to honour soldiers who fought in World War II. At the very end of the trail is the house of Agnes Keith that is one of the popular tourist attractions of the town.

In this town, you can easily visit restored buildings like The English Tea House and Agnes Keith’ house to do hiking on the Sandakan heritage trail to visit mosques and temples like Sam Sing Kung and Masjid Besar. You should join in with Sandakan tours 2018 to visit all these activities.

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