Decorating Your Home With Cable Ties


At first cables, ties were used in the industry of aviation only. With time several types of ties were designed and now these are being used for various purposes ranging from home decor to electrical applications in industries. These are easily available in various materials, sizes, shape, colours and also have various features. 

Following are a few ways in which you can easily use ties for decorating your home: 

1. Vases

You can use coloured cables ties to give a new look to old vases and decoration pieces. First, you need to take ties of appropriate length that can wrap around the vase. Then tie it around the vase and cut extra piece. You can use various colours of ties to decorate vases.

2. Festive Garlands

You can use nylon ties to make a garland for Christmas or welcoming your special guests. The main use of ties in making garland is to attach different types of flowers and leaves together. But you can also use coloured ties for making artificial flowers to add to the garland.

3. Wreaths

You can also use ties to make a wreath at home especially if you need in in a very short time. You just need to make a base from a zip tie and then add more ties to it make a homemade wreath.

4. DIY bowl

You can easily make coloured bowls at home with help of different coloured ties. This kind of bowls can easily be used to serve desserts and candies as well as decoration pieces.

The good thing about these ties is that they give a colourful look to your home.

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