Disruptive Physician Behavior: Effects of the Label

Effect on the workplace

Disruptive doctor behaviors may have a devastating and widespread effect on the healthcare system. A single doctor can make a hostile work environment.

Intimidating and disruptive behaviors may boost medical mistakes, contribute to poor patient satisfaction and also to preventable adverse consequences, increase the price of maintenance, and lead to competent clinicians, administrators, and supervisors to seek out new places in more specialist surroundings.

Demands medical systems to make a code of behavior which defines suitable, disruptive, and inappropriate behaviors and also to create and execute a practice of handling disruptive and inappropriate behaviors.

Medical staffs and healthcare organizations need to gather information and analyze criticism data to ascertain whether there are trends or patterns which indicate disruptive behavior and the demand for intervention.

Specific ideas include:

Soliciting and incorporating substantial input in an inter-professional group, such as the representation of health and nursing staff, administrators, and other personnel. You can also refer to thedisruptivephysician for detailed information about disruptive behavior.

Creating and executing a reporting surveillance program for discovering unprofessional behavior. Including providers and individual advocates, each of which offers significant feedback from families and patients; which may experience debilitating or tumultuous behavior.

Effect of Disruptive Behavior

  • Increased mortality of personnel
  • The negative standing of the Healthcare system
  • Undermined team efficacy
  • Increased price of maintenance
  • Lawsuits